What about Photos Currently Framed and Displayed?

What about Photos Currently Framed and Displayed?

When we are thinking about getting a photo restored, many times we have a certain picture in mind.   However, it’s usually not one that is already framed and displayed on the wall, or other areas.

Here are some reasons not to overlook restoring your currently framed photos

  1. Is it your only copy? Many times it is. There is no digital copy, or negative, or another physical copy anywhere else.   This puts your picture at great risk.   If there were some disaster, such as fire, water, theft, or something similar and your picture was damaged or destroyed. It would be forever lost.   These are irreplaceable.

    Photos Currently Framed


  1. Photographs that are in frames and displayed are going to age faster. They are exposed to more light and other damaging factors. More so than pictures that are safely tucked away. These will fade, yellow or otherwise age quicker because of this.
  1. Often times photographs are framed within glass. They carry the risk of being permanently stuck to that glass, causing another form of damage.

    Photos Currently Framed


If a photograph is damaged too severely, it might not be able to be restored. The final outcome is directly related to the condition of the original photo. This is why getting a photo restored sooner, rather than later is wise.

The fact that they are being displayed, already reveals it’s intrinsic value. By having that currently displayed photo restored, you not only garner a digital copy (which should be safely stored in a separate location, protecting it from irreversible loss), but you restore that treasured picture to its best state possible.

You may be quite surprised at how much that displayed photo has already deteriorated.   Having it restored, ensures that it will last for years to come, and protects against loss. It is advisable to have at least two physical copies made of your restored photo. One to keep safely tucked away elsewhere, and one you plan to frame and display, The digital copy sound be uploaded to a cloud drive, as well as put on a CD or other electronic storage.

Are you ready to check into getting a photo restored?  Visit here: How to Get A Photo Restored.

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Photos Currently Framed