What about Photos Currently Framed and Displayed?

What about Photos Currently Framed and DisplayedWhat about Photos Currently Framed and Displayed?

When we are thinking about getting a photo restored, many times we have a certain picture in mind.   However, it’s usually not one that is already framed and displayed on the wall, or other areas.

Here are some reasons not to overlook restoring your currently framed photos

  1. Is it your only copy? Many times it is. There is no digital copy, or negative, or another physical copy anywhere else.   This puts your picture at great risk.   If there were some disaster, such as fire, water, theft, or something similar and your picture was damaged or destroyed. It would be forever lost.   These are irreplaceable.


  1. Photographs that are in frames and displayed are going to age faster. They are exposed to more light and other damaging factors. More so than pictures that are safely tucked away. These will fade, yellow or otherwise age quicker because of this.
  1. Often times photographs are framed within glass. They carry the risk of being permanently stuck to that glass, causing another form of damage.


If a photograph is damaged too severely, it might not be able to be restored. The final outcome is directly related to the condition of the original photo. This is why getting a photo restored sooner, rather than later is wise.

The fact that they are being displayed, already reveals it’s intrinsic value. By having that currently displayed photo restored, you not only garner a digital copy (which should be safely stored in a separate location, protecting it from irreversible loss), but you restore that treasured picture to its best state possible.

You may be quite surprised at how much that displayed photo has already deteriorated.   Having it restored, ensures that it will last for years to come, and protects against loss. It is advisable to have at least two physical copies made of your restored photo. One to keep safely tucked away elsewhere, and one you plan to frame and display, The digital copy sound be uploaded to a cloud drive, as well as put on a CD or other electronic storage.

Are you ready to check into getting a photo restored?  Visit here: How to Get A Photo Restored.

Valerie Garner

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How to Get A Photo Restored

How to Get A Photo RestoredHow to Get A Photo Restored

Because I work with digital formats, it allows me to serve clients from anywhere in the world. Your originals stay unaltered, and safe in your possession.  If you haven’t already, you might want to read my welcome page first.

I need to see your picture to get a clear idea of what you’d like, and to offer suggestions to get you the very best results possible.  I want you to be thrilled with your final picture.

I’ll give some suggestions and then a price quote ($35.00 USD is a basic restoration job).  Once you approve the scope and price, an invoice will be sent via paypal.  I’ll then commence working on your picture when payment has been submitted.  I do guarantee my work.

Normally, turn around time is within a few days.  Email is the best way to communicate (vrg722 at gmail.com in the normal format). Having communication in email, helps to clarify details for both parties and helps to lessen possible misunderstandings.  I want you to be happy with your results.  You are under NO obligation to place an order.  This part is simply information gathering.

Your finished photo will be an electronic large format file delivered by email. I do not do the physical printing of a picture.  You will then use this file at your favorite photo lab processing to get physical prints made in the sizes and quantities you want.

Sometimes having them made into a canvas print is a special way display restored pictures.  I can give recommendations for resources I’ve used, that I liked both their pricing and quality. Most photo labs give you the option of ordering online by simply uploading your file, ordering your size and quantities. They ship the final picture directly to your home.

You can also copy the finished electronic file I provide you, to a flash drive and physically take this to your favorite photo lab to have prints made.  If you don’t know how to do this, usually the folks working at the photo lab can assist you with this, providing you bring the flash drive.

To Start the Process of Getting a Picture or Photo Restored

If you already have your picture in a digital format (jpeg or tiff), simply email it to me.  If not, please take your physical photo (out of the frame carefully, if it’s framed) and scan the image at 300 dpi (most home scanners can do this), save it and email it to me at: vrg722 at gmail.com.

If your picture is too fragile (or stuck to the glass) to be safely removed from the frame, try scanning it within the frame. See if you can get a viable file to work on with this method. If these options don’t work due to the frailty of the original photo, take to a service specializing in that type of work.  That is beyond my scope of services. Once you can get a digital scan of your picture, that is where I can pick up assisting you.

If you don’t have a scanner at home, or it can’t scan at 300 dpi (dots per inch), or your picture is bigger than your scanner, take your picture to a local Office Depot, Kinko or similar store and have them scan it for you. It’s usually very low cost to have that done.  Bring your flash drive and they will copy it on there for you. Request that they scan it at 300 dpi. Some libraries will do this free for you as well. Take your flash drive home, and email the electronic file of your picture to me.

At this point, please let me know any details you want about the picture, your goals, and any questions you might have. We will communicate from there as to job scope, pricing, delivery times, etc. Your approval is necessary before we start the work.  I guarantee any work I accept, to get it to your satisfaction.

When we both agree on the job and you’ve given approval, I’ll send you an invoice via paypal for that amount. You can use a credit card on paypal if you desire.  I will begin work once payment has been submitted. I carefully and diligently work on each picture, one at a time.

I will deliver a finished, high resolution electronic image (in jpeg or tiff, your choice) to your email.  I’ll also provide (free of charge), a low resolution electronic file to your email. You can use it for sharing on facebook, or emailing to friends or family.

I look forward to providing you with a beautifully restored picture you can be proud to display in all its glory!  Contact me now at:  vrg722 at gmail.com








What my clients are saying

“I was very pleased with the specialized service and care that Valerie provided, her recommendations to enhance the photo were spot on and the turnaround time was much faster than I expected. I will use again in the future and highly recommend.
– Deanna M ”