Bellevue Photo Restoration Services

Bellevue Photo RestorationBellevue Photo Restoration Services

My name is Valerie Garner and I’m located in Bellevue, Washington and provide photo restoration services.  I work with digital files, thus enabling me to serve clients from anywhere in the world.

I do not have a physical store, but work out of my home (in other words, I’m not a big box, massed produced, one-size fits all service). This is a passion for me.  I truly love restoring people’s favorite pictures.  There is an incredible story behind each and every one.  I am honored every time someone entrusts their pictures to my care.

I restore yellowing, odd coloring, aging and fading pictures, as well as other damage.  Depending on how major the repair work is, and what your goal is for it, will determine the bottom line turn around time and cost.  I have restored many pictures, but I don’t post, in order protect my client’s privacy.

Virtually every picture can be improved.  Even photos that on the surface, appear fine.  Some of these improvements may be more artistic in nature, to really draw out the subject of the picture.  Some of the enhancements may have to do with lighting, but not in a way that looks fake.  It should simply, look great.

Your original images will not be altered in any way.  They will also not leave your possession.  I don’t know about you, but I would not want to ship my physical pictures anywhere.  There’s just too much at risk if it’s your only one, and sometimes things happen.  Packages can be lost or damaged.

In general, it is recommended to get your photos restored, soon rather than later.  By waiting, your photo ages even more and there’s the risk of other damage happening in the meantime. The better the original is, the better the final outcome is.  It’s a sad thing when a treasured picture is too far gone.

By having photo restoration services done, it also makes it a breeze to share your picture with other family and friends, who might love a copy as well.

Restored pictures make memorable gifts for any occasion.  Imagine your loved one’s joy opening a gift from you of a photo that holds special meaning, restored and looking better than the original did.  Ideas for pictures that are really great candidates are:  baby or other childhood pictures, wedding photos, anniversaries, classroom pictures, old homesteads, military photo, pets, vintage and antique pictures of family ancestors, a favored vacation, the ideas are limitless.  This is perfect for the person who “has everything”, and is difficult to buy for.

Pricing for a basic photo restoration is $35.00 (this includes adjusting lighting, removing noise, getting rid of yellowing and fading and minor repairs). If the photo needs extensive work, we will discuss that for your pre-approval before any work is done.  During this stage, I’ll also suggest artistic recommendations to consider.  There is NO obligation to order. Consider this as the information gathering phase. Ready to get going?  Read How to Get A Photo Restored.

What clients are saying

“I was very pleased with the specialized service and care that Valerie provided, her recommendations to enhance the photo were spot on and the turnaround time was much faster than I expected. I will use again in the future and highly recommend.
– Deanna M ”

“I recently inquired about getting an old childhood photo restored and enhanced by Valerie as a gift to my parents for my upcoming wedding. Valerie was very fast with a response and quote for my request. Upon agreement to continue with the project, she gave me feedback on recommendations for touch ups to the photo and delivered a completed project by next day. I am thoroughly satisfied with photo and cannot wait for my parents  to see it! Thanks Valerie.”
-Andre L.




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